Are you married? Do you have any children?

I am married to Peter Dickinson, yes, the writer (there's at least one more Peter Dickinson, the composer; when they both worked for the BBC they used to get each other's cheques). Fortunately I had been passionately devoted to his books years before I met him so I can merely go on thinking they're wonderful and he's brilliant now. I am the sort of sad, mushy person who can no longer trust her literary instincts when she's reading something written by someone she likes personally. For a husband, feh, it would be impossible.

I have no children but Peter has four, and six grandchildren. I used to be the one who remembered birthdays. Fortunately the grandchildren are beginning to attain adulthood and freedom from stepgrandparental ideas of presents, although not quite quickly enough to disguise the fact that I donít remember anybodyís birthday any more.