Robin McKinley's Blog. Days in the Life*

* with footnotes

The title says it all. I blog* about the things that make up my days: my two hellhounds, garden, roses, bell ringing, horseback riding, piano lessons, writing, books, and food!

I started blogging in September 2007 at In April 2008, I settled in at Robin McKinley's Blog.

The blog sprouted branches.

Once I figured out how to post photos in the blog, we added the intermittently updated Photo Gallery to bring all the photos together in one place.

The Five Heroines run Playing with Your Food, the recipe blog for reader-submitted recipes.

As the reader community continued to grow, we added Robin McKinley's Web Forum to make it easier for readers to comment on blog posts and chat amongst themselves.

The Pollyanna’s Booklist open thread on the blog started as a way for readers to share their favorite books with others. The discussion has since moved to Pollyanna’s Booklist on the forum. Our hard-working resident librarian has added over 400 recommended titles to LibraryThing.

So explore, enjoy, and I hope to see you on the forum!

* with footnotes